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DataXu’s Lara Mehanna Talks Mobile at IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace

At the IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace forum on June 21, DataXu’s GM of Mobile, Lara Mehanna gave the audience an inside look on programmatic buying in mobile advertising, and showcased real-world examples of how efficiency and effectiveness can be increased using the DX3 platform.  

ID or Not to ID: Mobile Tracking Demystified

Everyone is talking about mobile IDs but often in discussions, many people are not really sure what they are referring to and why mobile IDs are so much more complicated than online.  Advertisers hear that data and audience targeting are not really possible in mobile, a half-truth that prevents them from tapping into a growing wealth of […] Continue Reading

Need display? Would you like Google or… Google?

Google’s recent announcement that it will acquire Admeld no doubt has executive teams and boards in a flurry of analysis to determine what it might mean for their business. Whether you are counting the money you’ll make on your ad tech shares, or running to the hills for cover, it’s clear that this move will […] Continue Reading

OpenRTB Consortium Launches Mobile Committee

Today, the OpenRTB Consortium announced the launch of OpenRTB Mobile – a functional committee of the successful OpenRTB consortium – dedicated to increasing the adoption

From Geocentric to Mobilecentric

Six hundred years ago, common philosophy (and the King) favored a geocentric view of the universe with Earth stationed at the center. This view of the world remained relatively unchanged until the 16th century when a young man, Nicolaus Copernicus, introduced the notion of a heliocentric universe where the Sun ruled the planets, not the […] Continue Reading

DX Mobile: Industry’s First Mobile DSP is Now Available

Today, we are excited to announce the General Availability of DX Mobile. Since we introduced the DX2 platform last September, we have experienced accelerated adoption that has exceeded all expectations. DX Mobile is an extension of our strategy to become the “brain” of digital media across all channels and all devices. Our vision is to […] Continue Reading

On Mobile, Real Time Bidding Does Not Equal Cookie Buying

Real-time bidding has indeed arrived for mobile—and in a big way.  It’s no surprise as there has typically been a low fill rate on mobile ad inventory, and real-time exchange-trading has proven itself to be massively effective for advertisers under such market conditions.  The only real surprise is to those entrenched in the mobile-specific advertising […] Continue Reading

A Big Win for Mobile Marketing

Congratulations to DataXu advisor Greg Stuart on his appointment to CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).   While I’m chagrined to lose a trusted advisor, I’m thrilled that the MMA will now have a proven global leader to help drive the growth of the mobile advertising industry.   I predict that Greg will preside over HUGE […] Continue Reading

Advertising Week NY: Data Driven and Connected to Mobile

Every fall, Advertising Week engulfs New York, a city known for its media and advertising industry.  And just as digital has swept the advertising industry, so too has it swept Ad Week.  This year DataXu’s Mike Baker will be speaking at several events dedicated to the evolving digital landscape – mobile advertising and data driven […] Continue Reading

The other meaning of “ROI”

Every advertiser seeks better “ROI” (return on investment).  Since we launched the first version of our platform — less than a year ago! – it’s been gratifying to see many big brands and agencies embrace our solution to drive better ROI from online display. But  “ROI” has another meaning, and it’s equally important:  “Rate Of […] Continue Reading