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Exciting news:, the largest local ad platform in the US, today announced its partnership with DataXu geared at allowing YP’s advertising partners reach its audience everywhere they are online. Using search history, DataXu’s technology allows YP’s national advertisers to connect with YP’s 70 million+ users. Audience extension and search retargeting are some of the [...] Continue Reading

DataXu for the Win(s)!

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It’s officially summer, and things here at DataXu are heating up! Last week, we released a new report based on our programmatic roundtable event series, where we hosted 6 events across 5 cities over 4 months to get to the bottom of what’s driving marketers’ interest in programmatic. Check out the full report here to [...] Continue Reading

What Is Programmatic Marketing?

Programmatic marketing

Has anyone come up with a decent answer to this one? I like Digiday’s stab at defining programmatic advertising: “The use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders. It’s using machines to buy ads, basically.” And that’s true but I think [...] Continue Reading

The Programmatic Revolution: First Hand Accounts from the Trenches


What happens when you gather 200+ senior executives in small groups to talk about Programmatic Marketing? You get something close to genius. Over the last four months, DataXu sponsored a series of six roundtable events across the US where we invited senior people from brands and agencies to learn about and discuss this revolution sweeping [...] Continue Reading

Marketing in the Programmatic Age: In the Words of the Marketers


This spring, DataXu heard from more than 200 marketers about the programmatic revolution. The best tips, insights, and best practices they shared are available for download here. Tweet this infographic!

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