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Is the world ready for programmatic?


Let’s say you’re a major brand with a global footprint. Let’s further suppose that you believe Programmatic Marketing is more than a fad, that it offers real benefits to brands that embrace it and that those benefits are amplified when applied globally. Finally, let’s suppose that you’re ready to make a significant programmatic investment. So, [...] Continue Reading

Make the most of dmexco 2014 with the unofficial DataXu guide


Summer is in full swing and so are the preparations for this year’s dmexco, one of the largest digital marketing, media and communication events in Europe. From the 10th – 11th September, all roads lead to Cologne, Germany for two days of learning and networking. Planning your trip for an event of this size can [...] Continue Reading

Is Programmatic In-House right for you?


I’m pretty excited for Joanna O’Connell’s talk at the next Programmatic I/O. She’s calling it “When and how to take programmatic media management in-house” and it’s based on lot of discussions she’s had with platform providers and their customers. Should be chock full of interesting findings. We’ve got a lot of perspective on this subject, [...] Continue Reading Teams Up with DataXu

aud ext

Exciting news:, the largest local ad platform in the US, today announced its partnership with DataXu geared at allowing YP’s advertising partners reach its audience everywhere they are online. Using search history, DataXu’s technology allows YP’s national advertisers to connect with YP’s 70 million+ users. Audience extension and search retargeting are some of the [...] Continue Reading

DataXu for the Win(s)!

always-on (3)

It’s officially summer, and things here at DataXu are heating up! Last week, we released a new report based on our programmatic roundtable event series, where we hosted 6 events across 5 cities over 4 months to get to the bottom of what’s driving marketers’ interest in programmatic. Check out the full report here to [...] Continue Reading

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