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Reblogged: DataXu Finds Two Cloud Providers Better Than One

From Daily Cloud:

DataXu is a programmatic advertising startup based in Boston that has appeared on many lists of the fastest-growing companies in the US. According to Inc. Magazine, DataXu posted 2013 revenue of $118 million, representing a three-year growth rate of 823%

Taking Flight with Brand Share

One of the benefits of being a company with a multi-petabyte scale data operation is that we have an unparalleled view into actual consumer behavior. Our systems see somewhere on the order of 1.5 million consumer web page visits per second.

Fraudsters invade digital. Who has your back?

DataXu 97% Fraud Free Guarantee

The latest numbers around fraud, this time from ANA and White Ops, are certainly disheartening: 23% of video ads served to bots. 11% of display ads. A global waste of $6.3B in 2015 if these numbers are accurate and defenses remain static.

All About That Pace Outtakes

If you’ve been singing “If you got programmatic, just raise em up. Cause every audience is perfect from the bottom to the top,” then you’re probably a fan of All About That Pace, a DataXu parody of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass.

2014 Holiday Season: Digital Media Tactics to Combat Showrooming


With the holiday season in full swing and a record number of consumers hitting stores with smartphones in hand, “showrooming”—the act of consumers price-checking on mobile phones while in store—is becoming a hot topic yet again…

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