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Webinar Alert! Going Programmatic: The Global Challenge

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Global reach with a local approach – it’s an attractive proposition. In today’s always-on, always connected world it’s more important than ever that marketers deliver personalized consumer experiences – across devices, countries and continents

In the CUBE with DataXu


Last week, DataXu was at AWS RE:Invent in Las Vegas, where our VP Technology Yekesa  Kosuru delivered a keynote address, “Mission-Critical Stream Processing with Amazon EMR and Amazon Kinesis,” to an audience of more than 600 attendees. DataXu CTO and Co-founder Bill Simmons was also at the event, and Yekesa and Bill sat down with John Furrier […] Continue Reading

Why 97%?

DataXu 97% Fraud Free Guarantee

We’ve gotten a huge amount of feedback on our announcement yesterday that we will provide our customers a 97% fraud free guarantee starting in January. The reaction has been extremely positive, but one question has come up consistently, no matter whom we talk to. Why 97%? Why not 99%? Why not 100%? The simple fact […] Continue Reading

The 97% Fraud-Free Guarantee

Demystifying Ad Fraud

Earlier today, we announced a major program on behalf of our customers.  Starting in January, our customers will be protected by a 97% fraud free guarantee. It’s a simple program. If you experience a fraud rate greater than 3% across your entire monthly investment in DataXu’s exchange media offerings, we will automatically provide you with […] Continue Reading

Boston Data Festival @ DataXu!


Next week kicks off the second annual Boston Data Festival, which brings together the meetup community, entrepreneurs, VCs and others to highlight Boston’s data-centric scene.

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