Working With Us

Strategic Services

Our services team’s role is to help the world’s most valuable brands transform their way of working for a digital, data-driven world. We will work with you to ensure your digital marketing strategy is enabled by the correct tactics and implemented in a manner that facilitates continuous learning and improvement. Our systems integration team ensures this alignment through the coordination of people, process and platform:

  • People: Education services help you achieve best-in-class programmatic marketing. Your team will learn best practices, from setting campaign strategy to generating powerful analytics and insights.
  • Process: Process alignment ensures your business is fully enabled by our platform and your business processes integrate smoothly with platform usage.
  • Platform: The industry’s only omnichannel platform allows you to focus on campaign strategy, taking the worries out of campaign execution.

DataXu Strategic Services is your trusted advisor for programmatic marketing. The DataXu platform provides you with the option to do it all in-house, or, you can engage with DataXu Services for a variety of capabilities from digital marketing strategy to data science research, from systems integration to campaign management. No matter what you choose, DataXu Services is there to help you achieve your corporate goals in this digital, data-driven world.
DataXu’s professional services are designed to help clients become more productive, faster. A choice of service models, support, educational services and our Digital Media Knowledgebase help your team build world-class digital marketing expertise – with results to match.