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Service Models

Making Your Marketing Do More

DataXu’s service models adapt to your company’s digital expertise and staffing level. Customers typically start with Managed Services, then transition to the model that best suits their goals and ways of working. DataXu provides a set of transition services and education to ensure you maximize returns on your programmatic marketing investment. No matter what services you choose, we ensure that our platform empowers your people and aligns with your processes.

  • Managed Services: We will manage your campaigns from start to finish.
  • Transition to advisory services: After two or three campaigns, you may choose to transition toward advisory services. We train you on setting up and managing campaigns, guiding you through the process. We’ll conduct a Business Process Workshop to ensure that how you do business is easily facilitated by our platform. We tailor, our education to your business needs, based upon the output from the workshop.
  • Advisory Services: You’ll be able to set up and manage your own campaigns. We will provide guidance, quality assurance, and monitoring that helps you get the most from the platform.
  • Transition to Self-Service: If you choose to move to Self-Service, we will revisit the Business Process Workshop as some responsibilities will move from DataXu to your team. Through the business process assessment, we will tailor additional training to meet your needs.
  • Self-Service Platform: Many customers transition to a complete self-serve model, setting up, managing and monitoring their own campaigns. We revisit the Business Process Alignment and meet with you quarterly to review your requirements and the service we provide

DataXu is committed to ongoing support and education of your team. No matter what service model you choose, DataXu offers a full set of educational courses, including on-site, webinar based or ‘micro-training’ offerings through our distance learning system. Plus, you receive 24/7 support and access to our extensive Digital Media Knowledgebase.