Vodafone’s challenge

Vodafone UK needed to prove the value of its marketing investments by demonstrating a causal relationship between its marketing efforts (such as TV, search and display) and online and offline sales.

The solution

Vodafone UK partnered with dataxu® to identify the causal relationship between marketing investments and sales via dataxu’s Market Pulse technology, a solution within its ClearSight™ analytics platform.

The results of thousands of simultaneous “media mix experiments” created by dataxu’s proprietary pulse generator were combined with dataxu’s best-in-class data management and analytics capabilities. The proprietary combination formed the technology solution required to address the client’s complex challenge.

The results

The partnership was a tremendous success and Vodafone UK was able to:

  • Optimize its multi-million pound media budget by channel and geographic region with Market Pulse to improve the efficiency of its marketing investments by 10%.
  • Significantly increase its sales revenue without increasing its overall marketing budget.
  • Allow its team to proceed in future cases with reallocating budget between channels and geographic regions based on data.