Universal’s challenge

For Universal Pictures’ latest upcoming thriller, “The Adjustment Bureau,” the studio wanted to reach and engage Matt Damon’s global fan base at unprecedented scale. Universal Pictures knew that a variety of traditional targeting tactics would ultimately deliver strong performance, but felt that these tactics couldn’t achieve the massive scale that a Matt Damon film required.

The solution

dataxu’s® TouchPoint™ platform was able to observe variability in performance across time, content and geography, as well as non-obvious characteristics like browser type, to form a complete picture of ideal target audiences for “The Adjustment Bureau.” Using real-time multivariate analysis, the TouchPoint™ platform discovered and targeted the parameters most likely to deliver engagement from global audiences for Universal Pictures.

The results

TouchPoint™ delivered campaigns that were 2x as effective as traditional tactics in both price and performance… at fifteen times the scale.

Chart showing DataXu's audience discovery outperforming traditional tactics