TV buying in 2018

The world of TV is changing, fast. In 2018, Advanced TV can help you deliver effective, one-to-one TV advertising on behalf of your clients.

With dataxu’s Advanced TV solution, you are able to bring your client’s audience data to TV and granularly target at scale with real-time lookalike modeling. In addition, dataxu’s solution enables you to control frequency like never before.

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“When it comes to attribution, matching sales back to our marketing campaigns running on CTV inventory has been really exciting.”

– Steve Haffer, ASI

Four Advanced TV use cases 👍

Audience engagement

Increase audience engagement and awareness with a high-impact format.

Audience targeting

Use digital audience data to reach niche audiences across all TV formats, including traditional TV, Addressable TV, and OTT streaming services.

Seamless customer experience

Control the story and frequency of ad exposure among strategically identified audiences.

Closed-loop TV attribution

Use targeted Advanced TV campaigns to drive viewer action and connect TV ad spend back to sales.

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We’re dataxu, your secret weapon. 😉

Never before has marketing held so much potential to propel growth—and never has so much been expected of it. When you’re looking for technology that will help you gain a competitive advantage in this rapidly-evolving industry and make you look good in front of your clients, well, dataxu® has your back.

Our software empowers you to connect with real people across all channels, including TV, capturing consumers’ attention when and where it matters most. So let’s work together and crush it for your clients.

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Let us power yours.

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