Maximize advertising impact by retargeting Connected TV viewers across all screens

With TotalTV Sync™, brands can easily stay top of mind with their strategic audience by delivering high impact advertising on Connected TV, then following up with additional messaging to these same viewers across their other devices, where they can take immediate action.

dataxu’s TotalTV Sync™ solution enables brands focused on performance and attribution to use real-time programmatic capabilities to improve their advertising. DTC brands in particular, who seek engagement and sales attribution from their marketing investments, can leverage TotalTV Sync™ to effectively reach their audiences across all viewing devices. Primary benefits include increased conversions and improved CPA.

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TotalTV Sync™ has a proven track record for success with DTC brands.

dataxu offers a platform that allowed us to test our new TV creative with specific audiences and measure impact. – Diane Swint, CRO, Lovepop

TotalTV Sync™


DTC brand, Lovepop, improved campaign efficiency with TotalTV Sync™

Lovepop, a greeting card brand, wanted to complement their lower funnel tactics with Connected TV to drive online purchases while maintaining an efficient CPA.

The solution

Lovepop enabled OneView™ to target new customers on a one-to-one level on CTV. Then, using TotalTV Sync™, they retargeted viewers with direct response messages on their other connected devices.

The results

Using TotalTV Sync™, Lovepop’s sales and campaign efficiency increased as compared to a traditional single device strategy.

  • 239% Increase in sales vs. traditional CTV
  • 41% Improvement in CPA vs. traditional CTV

One of the reasons that we chose dataxu is because their OneView™ technology gives us the ability to measure the campaign performance just like we would any other digital channel. We can connect a household that saw our CTV ad with an online order on – Diane Swint, CRO, Lovepop

If you want to immediately understand who is exposed to an ad and connect that exposure to sales, quickly, reach out to our team to get started.

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