Connect the planning and buying experience across all TV investments with TotalTV™

Keeping up with audience targeting, cross-format measurement and multiple buying modes can prove challenging. With dataxu’s TotalTV™ for Advertisers solutions, marketing professionals can leverage dataxu’s proprietary technology to capitalize on today’s advanced TV opportunities.

dataxu’s portfolio of advanced TV solutions are tailor-made for today’s modern planners and buyers. In addition to demographic and custom audience targeting on Connected TV (CTV), dataxu also offers a suite of complementary Linear and Addressable TV solutions to reach your desired audience at scale.

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Reach your strategic audiences at scale with TotalTV™

  • Linear extension: Complement your existing traditional TV buys and expand reach by uncovering your target audience on Connected TV, online video and all over-the-top formats via incremental reach. Analyze Connected and Addressable TV viewership vs. Linear TV viewership and report on deduplicated reach.
  • TotalTV plan: Create TV buying plans that maximize de-duplicated reach of strategic audiences whether they are watching on Linear, Connected TV or Addressable TV. Execute at scale in the dataxu platform with fully attributable Connected TV and Linear activation.
  • Custom targeting: Reach your exact audiences on Connected TV using first and third party data, with zero wasted impressions. Utilize frequency capping to maximize unique reach. Measure ROI with industry-leading closed-loop attribution and reporting.
  • Demographic targeting: Buy and measure traditional TV demographics on Connected TV on premium television programming at a 90%+ completion rate. Leverage audience based Connected TV reporting and insights including reach, frequency, and business outcome measurement.

TotalTV™ is integrated within all of dataxu’s products:

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