Keeping up with the latest advanced TV solutions can be challenging, mostly because it is hard to follow what is hype and what is real. With TotalTV™, the future of TV advertising really is here today, and many savvy marketers are already taking advantage of tools and tactics previously believed to be impossible for television.


  • Instantly forecast data-enabled campaigns across the largest CTV marketplace in the industry.
  • Develop cross-screen media plans that ensure incremental reach by de-duplicating linear TV, connected TV, and other forms of digital media.


  • Intuitive platform designed to simplify targeting advanced audiences during live and on-demand television.
  • Optimize performance in real-time and control ad frequency across some of the most well-known networks on the big screen.


  • Fully transparent real-time reporting brings accountability to advanced TV.
  • Cross-device attribution highlights the impact of TV investments on actual business outcomes.

TotalTV™ Is Integrated Within All Of dataxu’s Products:


Data activation with advanced identity management.


Marketing analytics, enterprise reporting, and insights.


Media activation.