Lexus’s challenge for Team One

When Lexus was gearing up for the national launch of a new campaign, it asked Team One to work with a programmatic platform to optimize targeting, spend and engagement across three lines of business:

  • New Car In-Market
  • New Car Local
  • CPO In-Market

The solution

Using the TouchPoint™ programmatic platform from dataxu®, Team One was able to go beyond last click attribution and implement real-time optimization against Lexus’s brand KPIs. Real-time tests measured Lexus’s new tagline awareness with a single question survey. The programmatic platform used that data to deliver the campaign to consumers most likely to be positively influenced.

The Results

  • Lexus achieved a 117% lift in message association, outperforming the awareness benchmark four times over.
  • The campaign delivered a 6.9% increase in absolute lift.
  • Team One and dataxu were able to reduce the cost per newly aware prospective customer by 32%.