dataxu recap: #AWNewYork

This week, dataxu was part of one of the most exciting events in the advertising space: Advertising Week – New York! Every year, Advertising Week has a dominating [...]Continue Reading

Life, love, and decision-making

Decision-making is and has always been a passion of mine. During my Ph.D. research at MIT, I studied how to use computation techniques to make decisions for aerospace [...]Continue Reading

Rich Media or Bust!

Note: this was originally a guest post on PointRoll's blog.On September 29th, I had the opportunity to team up with PointRoll’s Adam Carroll on a webinar to “bust” [...]Continue Reading

DataXu Launches DX Social

DataXu Launches DX Social from DataXu on Vimeo.We live in an inter-connected digital world that is growing more social every day. In response, major marketers [...]Continue Reading

Real Time Bidding Grows Up

The growth of budgets moving over to the real time exchanges has been nothing short of extraordinary. My first day at DataXu was at AdTech in NYC in November 2009 [...]Continue Reading