The challenge

Consumption of media across multiple devices is at an all-time high, making it difficult to ensure marketing budgets are effectively used to execute people-centric messaging. Advertisers are increasingly looking for a programmatic solution that enables cross-device marketing with genuine frequency capping and quality controls and allows for sequential messaging across all channels. Sky AdVance is the first product of the strategic partnership between Sky and dataxu® and seeks to address these industry concerns by combining TV and online data in a completely new way.

The solution

Sky AdVance is a solution developed by Sky and dataxu, enabling advertisers to serve specific messages to people across digital channels, that have seen or not seen an ad, sponsorship or show on TV.

Benefits include:

  • Enables advertisers to either reinforce a TV campaign or sponsorship, or extend it incrementally to a wider audience.
  • Unlocks the value of Sky data to enable targeting opportunities beyond Sky owned and operated sites.
  • Improves the advertising experience for the consumer.
  • Ensures the quality of the online environments in which advertisers can target Sky’s premium audiences.

The results

For the first 25 Sky AdVance campaigns, the digital click-through rate was on average 82% higher for households that had previously seen the TV ads. Most of the UK’s largest media agencies now use Sky AdVance, with 140 campaigns serving 488bn impressions in 2016.

The campaign also drove the following significant results:

  • Engagement Rate increase of 33% for a leading auto manufacturer.
  • Video Completion Rate increase of 31% for a leading gaming company.
  • A new gambling brand raised awareness in their key demographic by 90%.
  • A major telco company achieved cost savings of £160,000.

Download the full case study for more in depth results of these Sky AdVance campaigns.