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Schneider Electric, a global corporation specializing in energy management and automation, wanted to invest in digital advertising in a more holistic manner, and better utilize data to find and target its niche B2B audiences in the digital world. In close partnership with dataxu®, Schneider Electric was able to do all of this and more during their journey towards a fully programmatic, more data-driven global advertising operation.

Global expansion

After a test period with a few vendors, Schneider Electric chose dataxu as its approved vendor after seeing positive test campaign results. A Master Services Agreement (MSA) for EMEA was signed and dataxu implemented a customized campaign set up to suit Schneider Electric’s business needs. From test campaigns in Sweden and Germany, Schneider Electric expanded its digital advertising through dataxu’s TouchPoint™ platform to the full EMEA region and then North America.

Digital transformation

dataxu’s data solution capabilities including OneView™, the industry-leading cross-device and identity management technology, helped Schneider Electric build custom audience segments and create highly customized campaigns for its individual business units.

In 2018, Schneider Electric launched advanced campaigns that incorporated a full-funnel approach using data, expanded to new markets, and also began to build an in-house programmatic team for greater control over its campaigns.