The DataXu Platform

Customer Engagement

Keep Your Customers Loyal – and Profitable

DataXu’s #1 ranked Demand-Side Platform (DSP) optimizes the quality of customer interactions, significantly improving outcomes.  Billions of programmatic decisions determine which prospects are most valuable, which creative is most relevant, which channel is the best way to reach them and how much you should pay to reach them. Each decision is based on your brand’s own data and your customers’ responses.

Reach and influence your audiences across all touchpoints:

  • Rich Media & Display: Reach nearly 100% of the Internet with rich media and display creative.
  • Video: Make an emotional connection with consumers with the sight, sound and motion of linear video, including new interactive video formats (VPAID).
  • Mobile: Engage with consumers wherever they are, including tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.
  • Facebook Exchange: Access 1+ billion users of the largest single online destination.

Replace time-consuming manual operations and an inefficient supply chain with programmatic marketing and media buying, including transparent pricing and real time optimization that:

  • Improves outcomes by reaching more prospects who are likely to convert.
  • Reduces waste and administrative overhead, using the savings to fund other strategic initiatives.
  • Improves the consumer experience with unified messaging across all touchpoints in the customer journey.
  • Builds customer loyalty by enabling you to map messaging to the customer lifecycle to build deeper relationships, promote repeat purchase and create brand evangelists.

And, gain control, choice and customization with Dataxu’s Algorithm Marketplace a library of goal-oriented algorithms. View the demo here.

DataXu for Guaranteed Media applies programmatic decisioning to your direct media buys, running campaigns that match consumers with the most relevant message to improve outcomes.

DataXu for Private Exchange marries the premium placements known to direct deals with the control of RTB. These “Deal IDs” allow you to access higher quality publishers, placements and data segments using exchange controls and analytics.

DataXu for Brand Lift optimizes your campaign by discovering new audiences receptive to your brand message, and drives positive sentiment shifts through the science of real time optimization

DataXu Ad Server eliminates the complexity and extra costs of working with multiple vendors through a full-featured ad server for multi-channel campaigns. Our integrated approach makes it easier to launch campaigns and leverages data to understand the effectiveness of each channel.