The DataXu Platform

Combining Intelligence and Engagement for Marketing Success

Consumers create vast amounts of real time digital signals as they move from site to site, device to device and location to location. DataXu creates a new software category by combining two complementary capabilities that use data and analytics to understand consumers better and to convert more of them. Customer Intelligence draws upon consumer behavioral data to identify your best audiences, while Customer Engagement turns meaningful customer interactions into increased conversions.

A Complete Programmatic Marketing Solution

DataXu combines data management, audience management, multi-channel campaign management, ad serving, attribution management, programmatic decisioning across exchange-traded and direct media buys, complex targeting and advanced insights and reporting.

Our cloud-based platform delivers a powerful data management platform (DMP) for customer intelligence and our industry-leading demand side platform (DSP) for customer engagement.

This fully integrated stack supports true programmatic marketing: the DMP helps you measure and understand consumer behavior and the DSP manages customer engagement at each stage of the buying journey. Active Analytics™ – our patented, automated, multivariate decisioning capability – senses and reacts in real time to changing consumer behavior. The system gets smarter with every interaction, making faster and better decisions to improve ROI –, automatically.