The Science and Technology Behind Programmatic Marketing

DataXu brings science and data to the art of marketing. Our commitment to innovation has earned us recognition for the #1 ranked algorithmic optimization capabilities.

Programmatic decisioning identifies high-performing combinations of consumer attributes, context and creative

DataXu is the industry’s first real-time multivariate decision system: Our platform identifies and engages your best prospects by reviewing ad impressions, and making more than 500 million decisions every second to select and bid on those that are most likely to convert. Programmatic decisioning evaluates a vast array of variables and optimizes those that will have the biggest impact in achieving your marketing goals.

Active Analytics™ uses data from previous campaigns to inform each new decision, making the system smarter with each individual interaction. Offline and website data can be included in this continuous learning cycle, producing better decisions and improving ROI, automatically. A library of algorithms optimizes the bidding system for specific outcomes, and custom algorithms can be used for exact alignment with you business goals.

Omnichannel attribution goes beyond the cookie, using statistical methods to automatically optimize your media spend across all your channels to reach customers as they move from device to device.

Master your data: Leveraging the power of Hadoop, DataXu can process and use more data, faster than any other system – with the scalability, cost savings and advantages that come from cloud-based solutions. DataXu’s processing capability allows you to draw insight from the data that consumers create in the digital world, giving you a better view of your customers.

Better Marketing, Safe and Scalable

DataXu offers an open, neutral approach that maximizes flexibility. DataXu solutions keep data safe, secure and reliable with an advanced and scalable marketing platform.

  • Safe
    Data is backed by industry-standard data archiving, backup and recovery plans, along with a 24/7 Tech Ops team with expertise in high-availability systems.
  • Secure
    Dataxu uses encrypted VPNs, conducts regular vulnerability tests and risk assessments and employs access control restrictions for networks, applications, systems, functions and data. Security and business continuity management policies are updated regularly.
  • Advanced
    DataXu uses the most advanced tools and protocols, is HTML5-compliant, and is deployed globally for low latency and high availability. We employ automatic testing and continuous integration, and build every system with redundancies.
  •  Scalable
    Every solution we develop is built for 10x scalability against current storage, networking and processing needs. So DataXu keeps pace with your growth and ongoing success.