Build Your Brand with Programmatic Marketing

DataXu’s programmatic marketing software enables marketers to build stronger brands in a digital world, leveraging data and analytics to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer acquisition strategies.

Platform overview

  • Understand your customers
  • Engage consumers at every point in the customer journey
  • Optimally manage your marketing investments

Turn Data into Insight, Action and ROI

DataXu helps you market more intelligently by answering tough questions: Who are our most profitable customers? How does their response differ by product, channel and messaging? Is our marketing finding new customers efficiently – and where can we find more?

The platform’s automated learning system evaluates millions of ad impressions, identifying high-performing combinations of consumer attributes, context and creative, to find and engage the best prospects. Our proprietary algorithms conduct millions of decisions every second to lower media costs while improving outcomes. Plus, DataXu delivers critical intelligence on consumer trends, to inform strategic decisions. Our scientific approach to marketing is why hundreds of top brands trust DataXu to turn insight into action – and improve return on their marketing investments.

Join the Programmatic Marketing Revolution

Successful marketing depends on reaching more customers, more effectively and efficiently. DataXu lets you standardize on one programmatic platform that delivers smarter decisions based on scientific methodology. Now you can:

  • Automate targeting and media optimization
  • Gain deeper insight into your target audience
  • Customize interaction at a mass scale
  • Reach across today’s fragmented media environment from one central point

DataXu makes marketing:

  • Efficient: Reduce media and data management costs by up to 40% so you acquire more customers for less. 
  • Effective: Improve customer intelligence to understand and engage more prospects, increasing ROI up to 5x.
  • Easy: Unify customer intelligence & engagement and manage investments in one integrated easy-to-use interface, saving 25+% in overhead costs.