The DataXu Difference

Why Do Top Brands Choose DataXu?

Global advertising leaders rely on DataXu’s programmatic approach for smarter marketing that builds stronger, healthier brands. DataXu combines product, expertise and a scientific approach to deliver results.


DataXu’s statisticians, business analysts, data scientists, digital marketing strategists and services teams work in close collaboration with customers to deliver innovative and advanced enterprise solutions.
From systems integration, strategic consulting and custom research to programmatic creative optimization and omnichannel attribution – our experts are dedicated to helping enterprises like yours transform marketing to deliver better results in a digital, data-driven world.


DataXu’s commitment to the scientific method allows us to objectively evaluate marketing, honestly answer the questions of what is working and what is not, and to learn from every decision for effective results. DataXu uses science in a systematic and automated way to build and organize knowledge, and to take action. Decisions are based on truth and transparency derived from methodical testing.


True Omnichannel Platform: Marketers need to deliver a consistent and effective brand message at every touchpoint as consumers move from digital to physical and across multiple devices. We designed DataXu from the ground up to track and optimize the full customer journey. Insights can be applied cross-channel to optimize an entire media plan, delivering effective messages and offers at precisely the right times. Omnichannel strategies using DataXu work effectively across display, video, mobile, Facebook Exchange and more, all from a single console.

The First Real-time Multivariate Decision System: The DataXu platform incorporates patented multivariate, real-time decision technology initially developed by our founders for the NASA Space Program. In an industry characterized by cookie-cutter DSPs, our exclusive license to commercialize this technology gives you data and analytics abilities that cannot be matched. By anyone.

Active Analytics™: Our patented, automated, programmatic decisioning capability senses and reacts in real time to changing consumer behavior. DataXu’s unique machine-learning technology enables the system to become smarter with each interaction, making faster and better decisions to improve ROI, automatically.