Introducing dataxu’s TotalTV™ 10% performance lift guarantee *

  • Understand the impact CTV has on driving sales, consideration and engagement
  • If at least 10% incremental lift is not achieved, campaign tech fees will be refunded

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Advertising ROI is top priority

As market dynamics shift, and consumer preferences change, performance advertisers are faced with increasing challenges when it comes to meeting performance goals and proving attribution.

dataxu’s portfolio of performance powered solutions enable brands to maximize advertising impact and track business outcome engagement across TV and all other screens. And in a world where everything is measurable, and there is more pressure than ever to account for every dollar to prove advertising effectiveness, brands focused on performance and attribution are turning to dataxu.

Performance powered marketing with dataxu

To meet market demands, it’s necessary to increase and maintain growth by reaching customers across all of their screens, including TV. And in a hyper competitive landscape where speed to market is vital for success, full funnel attribution and real-time implementation are paramount.

We understand the obstacles performance based brands are up against and help improve campaign efficiency every day. We’re proud to help our clients identify new customers, exceed engagement goals and crush sales attribution KPIs.

Top 5 reasons why performance advertisers choose dataxu:

Location / Info

Customer acquisition

Find new, valuable customers by leveraging proprietary algorithms to analyze and expand current customer data

Sale Price

Customer insights

Learn more about your customers including the right time and place to reach them with your messaging


Massive reach on TV

Access dataxu’s TotalTV™ Marketplace and tap into 40M unique households and over 12.5B ad opportunities per month (on actual TV screens!)  


Performance optimization tools

Leverage intuitive campaign management to deliver the results you really care about, with tools to measure and improve performance built directly in TouchPoint™

Path to Sale

Attribution and incrementality

Track attribution across TV and all other screens available to your customer and prove success with scientific controlled vs. exposed testing

Proven success with direct-to-consumer brands

Direct-to-consumer brands in particular, who seek engagement and sales attribution from their marketing investments, should leverage TotalTV Sync™ to effectively reach their audiences across all viewing devices.

TotalTV Sync™ allows brands to maximize advertising impact by retargeting Connected TV viewers across all screens. It’s a way for viewers to easily take immediate action on their devices and this tactic is proven to increase conversion rates by 2X! Download the case study below to learn how sales surged for Lovepop, a direct-to-consumer greeting card brand, after incorporating TotalTV Sync™.

*dataxu’s TotalTV™ 10% performance lift guarantee: Terms and conditions apply

This offer is available to customers within the United States who meet specific criteria. Campaigns that qualify will be activated within North America for a maximum of four (4) weeks with a budget of at least $50,000.00. Campaign specifications, including a pixel requirement, and acceptance into the promotion are subject to dataxu’s review and approval. If interested please reach out to a member of our team by following this link.

We’ve powered their success.

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