Big Data and the Visionary Power of Change

For the past decade, I have been organizing a series of thought-leadership roundtable discussions that bring together senior industry executives, academics, and authors to exchange perspectives on topics of common interest. I reached out to several of these thought-leaders to get their perspective on Big Data as an agent transformational change.

Jeff Bussgang, venture investor and general partner with Flybridge Capital Partners. “What would you do differently if you had 1000x more information available to you? Managers around the world are thinking hard about this question, whether they want to or not, because the theory is becoming a reality. The ‘big idea’ that is beginning to develop out of Startup Land is to use machine learning techniques to help parse through the data, apply business rules and make better – and higher ROI – decisions.”

Mr. Bussgang sites an example from the world of advertising where “major brands are using software platforms like DataXu and Turn to analyze millions of data points in order to put the exact right advertisement in front of the exact right customer at the exact right time – all without human intervention.” He sees a future where “we will wonder how it was that media plans were developed by humans. In industry after industry, this combination of Big Data and Machine Learning is proving to be a powerful, transformative force.”