Kelly Scott Madison’s challenge

Kelly Scott Madison (KSM), an independent media agency, made the decision to go in-house with a programmatic marketing platform after growing frustrated with ad networks and the industry’s lack of transparency. Wanting the best possible analytics, the company turned to dataxu® to provide them with the right tools and a strong foundation of data science to ensure going in-house was a resounding success.

The solution

dataxu set out to build a customized programmatic platform for KSM that would stand up to the challenges of the current market as well as the high standards the company expected.

dataxu insured that the version of its platform that it licensed to KSM would be able to:

  • Perform programmatic trading desk capabilities at scale
  • Deliver greater performance at lower cost
  • Provide greater transparency and insight into consumers and performance than the company’s existing solutions
  • Enhance KSM’s competitive differentiation in a crowded market

The results

  • Since bringing the TouchPoint™ platform from dataxu in-house and using it across all vertical industries and KPIs, KSM has met or exceeded every single one of its clients’ benchmarks.
  • KSM was able to significantly grow its business by establishing its programmatic expertise and setting itself apart from the competition.