Intuit QuickBooks, an online accounting software for small business, entered the Australian market with a clear communications challenge: build brand awareness and tap into the Small and Medium Business (SMB) vertical which accounts for more than 2 million business owners. Traditional TV had been employed to drive reach and build awareness for several years, and while effective, there were nagging concerns around the lack of accountability, and a pressing need to deal with shifting consumption behavior impacting TV audiences which were rapidly migrating to online video.


Intuit worked with DWA, their local media agency to devise a testing framework that would allow Intuit to understand the value of online video. The experiment harnessed multiple internal data sources, 3rd parties, and human intelligence.

DWA recommended a partnership with Milward Brown and dataxu to deliver and measure an online video campaign which would run across Australian eastern seaboard metro areas in conjunction with free-to-air television activity. DWA and dataxu worked together to identify SMB data and premium video inventory sources and placed media buys based on Intuit’s reach and frequency goals.


Tremendous cross-over occurred between Intuit’s TV and digital advertising.



Video ads drove 125% higher engagement than display advertising and further engagement on Intuit’s site (bounce rate was 15% lower).


Total TV footprint reached via premium video inventory sources and strategic media buys.

Online video was highly effective in connecting the brand with light and non-TV viewers, delivering half the total frequency.

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