The challenge

While ABM tactics can be highly effective, identifying the right contacts at target accounts poses a challenge, especially when trying to reach them through paid media. Like most B2B marketers, HPE needs to influence a number of decision-makers who work for a prospective account. HPE’s starting point was their database of target accounts, not a media-addressable list of individual people and their devices.

To meaningfully increase relevant engagements with key prospects, HPE and Digitas needed to augment HPE’s account profiles to identify and reach the right individuals, across devices, within their prospective target companies.

“Data activation is the key to HPE’s digital transformation.” Rene Asis, Global Media Tech lead, HPE

The solution

Under HPE’s Global Senior Director Chris Drago, Adam Benaroya and Rene Asis, Global Media Tech and Digital Strategy leads, knew they had to help HPE find an efficient and scalable solution to its ABM challenge. In order to translate its marketing goals into measurable returns, the HPE team turned to dataxu’s OpenABM technology to address HPE’s account analysis, identification and targeting challenges. dataxu’s OneView™ technology is a real-time identity management and data management platform that marries a brand’s first-party data, rich third-party data, and user-level cross-device ID data to form holistic consumer and account profiles. The OpenABM methodology of inventory/data transparency is enhanced with dataxu’s OneView™.

The results

  • HPE achieved an impressive average match rate of 88%, far higher than a typical 45-67% ABM match rate.
  • HPE gained detailed Audience Profile Analyses about prospective B2B customers that allowed them to approach future marketing campaigns with granular insights about specific buying contacts, rather than the broader overall target accounts.
  • HPE and Digitas were able to reach 89% of HPE’s target company accounts.
  • HPE reduced its average CPM by 2x, providing more reach for every dollar spent.
  • HPE increased campaign-driven form fills from target accounts by 96%.