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Hi there, we’re dataxu.

dataxu helps advertising professionals like you use data to improve your clients’ campaign performance. Our software empowers you to connect with real people across all channels, including TV, capturing consumers’ attention when and where it matters most.

What kinds of companies use our software?

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Take a quick 2 min peek at our DSP:

dataxu’s TouchPoint™ demand-side platform enhances the value you deliver to your clients through the industry’s most intuitive interface.

Is your client asking about Advanced TV?

Our OneView™ platform helps you effortlessly deliver high-impact television experiences and extend audience reach.

  • Connected TV: Activate audience data to target households on Smart TV and OTT devices.
  • Addressable TV: Pair first-party data with TouchPoint’s™ robust lookalike models for 1:1 household targeting on TV at scale in a privacy-compliant manner.
  • Linear TV: Improve targeting and planning for traditional TV by applying digital data and viewership trends.

Use our OneView™ identity & data management platform to engage custom audiences on TV campaigns. Effectively control frequency, maximize incremental reach, drive audience brand engagement and orchestrate the customer journey across channels. Leverage real-world offline Acxiom data to enhance lookalike models and deliver even better results for your clients.

Need help activating your client’s 1st-party data?

We just released an e-book that might come in handy.

Download our new guidebook to learn how you can make even better use of 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party data for your client’s marketing campaigns.

“It’s a huge benefit for us to now be able to buy from relevant sites and inventory using 1st-party data as the basis for the decisioning.”

– Media Strategist, Schneider Electric

Global reach & enterprise scale

Did you know we have fourteen offices around the world and inventory access to over 3 trillion global ad impressions?  Use TouchPoint™ to plan and place media buys through the world’s leading open and private advertising exchanges. 

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Quality matters to your clients. It matters to us, too:

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Our Fraud-Free Guarantee

Fraud is a big problem for agencies, media companies and advertisers alike.

We are the partner agencies like yours trust to help them excel in an industry where ‘trust’ often feels like an empty word. Our people and tech are are as reliable and transparent as the insights we provide, offering a clear path to success, sharing real and honest perspectives, and always delivering on what we promise.

We partner with DoubleVerify, a best-in-class anti-fraud company, to ensure that your clients’ media dollars are being spent on real people and high-quality inventory. We do not engage in arbitrage, meaning your client’s budget is going towards quality media and not our own bottom line.

We guarantee a 97% fraud-free investment

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