Webinar: 3 Tips to Make Mobile Marketing Better Through Data Science

Today, 80% of internet users worldwide own and use a smartphone in addition to a desktop computer. Given that, internet consumption habits of global consumers have transformed in recent years, driven by the optionality of new technology and a proliferation of devices. With each of those devices comes data – vast amounts of it – and deciding what to do with that data has become the million-dollar question for today’s marketers.

One tech company was all too familiar with this challenge. Having a robust user base, they had the responsibility of transforming and using data in a smarter way to send the right message to each and every individual, regardless of device. Listen in to find out how this advertiser used the wealth of data at their fingertips to discover new customers in a scalable manner while re-engaging lapsed users – all while driving down cost per acquisition by 82%.

In this webinar hosted by DataXu Associate Product Manager, Denise Hotta, participants will learn:

  •      How can marketers can take advantage of existing data to market to people, not devices, in a smarter way?
  •      How can marketers broaden their thinking to avoid defining customers by yesterday’s data points?
  •      What are the various use cases that a mobile-first advertiser can employ to attract and retain a loyal user base?

Click here to register for this complimentary webinar on July 21, 2016 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET.