Prince Lobel Presents Panel on Law of Digital Advertising and Data Collection

Collecting data in order to personalize and customize digital advertising is no longer a fringe concept for advertisers–it is a necessity. New technologies provide great opportunities for delivering your message to just the right audience. But data collection and targeted advertising can be a legal minefield for the unwary advertiser or agency. Regulators and consumers are scrutinizing targeted advertising like never before, making compliance essential. New state, federal, and foreign compliance requirements only raise the stakes.

Join Andy Dale, General Counsel of DataXu, for a discussion with Leigh Freund (NAI CEO), Anthony Matyjaszewski (NAI VP) and Peter Caruso II (partner in Prince Lobel Tye’s Media, Intellectual Property, and Data Privacy groups) about how to develop strategies that meet advertising goals while satisfying consumers and regulators alike. Learn more.