OMMA Brand Marketers Summit | Cross–Channel Machine & Customer Experiences

At the Summer MediaPost Brand Summit in Lake Tahoe MediaPost brings bright, shiny marketing objects to heel. Marketing technology, DMPs and clouds are the tech du jour, but how do marketers program these alluring machines to serve specific customer experiences? The multi-lane highway of mobile, social and video media are all racing at breakneck speed, but how can brands knit these channels together into more holistic engagements with their customers? Data is supposed to be the “new oil” that fuels this digital economy. But how do marketers avoid mistaking the data the marketplace makes available for the data they really need to define their brand’s own customers?

Agenda Sessions Will Include:

  • Aligning technology to consumer journeys
  • What is this DMP good for anyway?
  • Is this really the data you are looking for?
  • Integrating mobile/social/video cross-channel creative for messaging that engages
  • Leveraging email/messaging for personal connections
  • Apples, oranges, donkeys: can cross-channel metrics and attribution really add up?

Awash in vendor pitches, distracted by new hot things, marketers need to step back and reassert first principles in order to make sense of the new morass. Who is their customer? What are their business goals? At the Tahoe Brand Summit, OMMA will try to re-boot the digital tech machine so that it is re-programmed to serve engagement with your customer, not with the machine itself.

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