MediaPost OMMA RTB London Conference

Programmatic platforms are devouring ever more shares of digital display budgets, moving automated processes deeper into ad operations, and driving an even larger trend towards buying audiences, not just media. The stakes are higher as programmatic proliferates to video, TV, mobile. As the longest running conference series on all things programmatic, OMMA RTB, enters its third year of international gatherings on the topic, grilling industry leaders on whether the exchange economy really has met and overcome its challenges.
Transparency is a key topic for us at DataXu and therefore our General Manager of Europe, Sacha Berlik will be speaking on the transparency panel, “Will We Ever Get The Transparency We Deserve?” at 2.30pm. We hope that you can join us for this interesting debate with fellow panelists from 7Stars, Gumtree and ISBA.
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