CMO 100 New York 2016 event logo

GBI CMO 100: New York

DataXu is proud to sponsor the 2016 CMO 100 in New York, New York. CMO 100 has leveraged their global CMO community to create a world-class, executive driven academic platform to help attendees make the right decisions for their organizations. This years’ events will discuss “the digital enterprise” and how CMOs will utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage. The Event is held globally and features over 100 CMO’s in each region championing think tanks, panel discussions and workshops creating a dynamic mix of thought leadership, and best practice strategies. The CMO series currently operates in UK&I, Europe and North America.

Some panels of note include:

  • Caring as a Competitive Advantage
  • Panel Debate: The Transformative CMO

For more information about CMO 100: New York, click here.