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Big Data Bootcamp, Boston

DataXu’s Vice President of Optimization, Beth Logan will be speaking at Big Data Bootcamp in Boston, Massachusetts on August 19th, 2016.

Global Big Data Conference is offering 3 day extensive bootcamp on Big Data. This is a fast paced, vendor agnostic, technical overview of the Big Data landscape. No prior knowledge of databases or programming is assumed. Big Data Bootcamp is targeted towards both technical and non-technical people who want to understand the emerging world of Big Data, with a specific focus on Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Real Time Processing & Use Cases. Attendees will experience real Hadoop clusters and the latest Hadoop distributions.

Unlike other big data training sessions, Big Data Bootcamp is unique in the following aspects

  • Experts in the Big Data from the US with hands on experience provide the training
  • The training is vendor agnostic and provides hands-on exercise of installing and running jobs on Hadoop & Spark
  • Customizable training to meet your corporate needs
  • 3 days of intense training (8 hrs/day) with multiple use cases to practice (equivalent to one full month’s training from other sources)
  • A Big Data Certification will be provided upon attending 3 days and completion of the training

Some lessons of note include:

  • Big ML @ DataXu
  • Regression in the Wild: Solving the Challenges Posed by Dirty Data
  • Asset Tracking Using Blockchain
  • Large Data in Python with Scikit-Learn and Dask

For more information on Big Data Bootcamp, click here.