Beet.TV in London: Addressable & Advanced TV Summit hosted by Sky Media

The state of television content delivery, consumption and monetization is changing rapidly.

Content owners, distributors and marketers are exploring and embracing a number of new business models including addressable TV and programmatic TV.  They are finding emerging opportunities with VOD and IP-delivered live streaming. They are using new distribution platforms with “smart” TV’s, OTT, mobile and a plethora of new devices.  All the while, marketers and their agencies are shifting strategies to find new audiences and value for brands.

What are the opportunities? What are the pitfalls and what’s next will be addressed during a half-day series of high-level fireside chats, panels, and in candid, off-the-record group conversations with senior industry executives.

This event is unlike conventional trade events or industry conferences.  The event is limited to just 15 speaker/participants. There will be a small, invitation only audience of special guests of no more than 25.

Beyond the powerful networking, business development and learning, the entire program will be produced as a 20-part video series which will be published on Beet.TV and widely syndicated and shared via social media.


Speakers include:

Mike Baker, Co-Founder, President & CEO, DataXu

Marco Bertozzi, Global CRO, Performics/Publicis Media Performance

Thomas BremondEU Managing Director, FreeWheel

Jim Casteele, Director of Consumer Strategy, Growth and Innovation, Proximus

Michael Kubin, EVP Media, Invidi

Caspar Schlickum, CEO, Xaxis EMEA

David Still, Head of Brand Strategy, Insight and Operations,Vodafone

Jamie West, Deputy Managing Director – Sky Media

Jon Watts, Director and co-founder of MTM (Moderator)