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2016 ANA/BAA Shopper Marketing Conference

DataXu will be attending the 2016 ANA/BAA Shopper Marketing Conference Presented by Fandango Rewards in Amelia Island, Florida later this month.

Consumer shopping habits are undergoing a transformation. According to a recent Kantar Retail study, digital tools and technologies have changed the balance of power in retailing, shifting power to shoppers. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, shoppers have redrawn the boundaries of retail experiences; they want it all and don’t expect to have to make trade-offs. Shoppers today are more omnichannel, demanding, social & connected, and convenience-oriented than ever before.

More than ever before, retailers and brands need to strategically develop shopper marketing plans and programs to help maximize that shopping experience for consumers. The ANA/BAA Shopper Marketing Conference is certain to bring marketers closer to that goal.

Some notable panels include:

  • How Shopper Marketing Enhances Brand Equity
  • Targeting Brand Experiences
  • Marketing to the Always on Consumer and Shopper
  • Why Entertainment Rewards Can Drive Strong Consumer Awareness

For more information on the 2016 ANA/BAA Shopper Marketing Conference, click here.