2014 Mindshare Media Summit – Saudi Arabia

The invite-only Mindshare Media Summit 2014 in Riyadh will provide powerful stories, bringing together pioneering speakers from around the world to stimulate debate, spread ideas and offer fresh perspectives from life, business and media. This year’s theme is “The Adaptive Mindset.”

As a Digital Native and industry pioneer, Sacha regularly gives his international perspective on the future of digital at conferences across the globe. Today’s all-digital lifestyle is changing how consumers make buying decisions as they move seamlessly across devices and channels. The customer journey we’ve built into our marketing systems and processes no longer exists and we’re now at the dawn of a marketing revolution fuelled by programmatic decisions. On May 19th at 3.30pm Sacha will present ‘Adapting to Digital Disruption: Understanding the new customer journey‘, revealing how leading brands and agencies are leveraging technology to translate customer insights into real-time action to deliver the personalised experiences consumers expect in today’s always-on, always connected world.