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CDX Generation M: Mobile + Multicultural + Millennial

DataXu is proud to be a sponsor of CDX Generation M: Mobile + Multicultural + Millennial on November 30th through December 1, 2016 at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Hollywood, California.

This exciting new CDX Forum identifies, and will explore the unique characteristics and consumption habits of, a powerful, cross-generational consumer generation that is inherently mobile-first and multicultural and combines the younger half of the Millennial generation with the older half of Generation Z. While classifying broad consumer generations based on age (Gen X, Millennials, etc.) is easy and sometimes accurate at a macro-level, the reality is that large consumer segments emerge and form across generations and are based on a common set of behavioral and consumption patterns and traits. Generation M, roughly between the ages of 15 and 27, represents the beginning of a powerful "post Millennial" consumer generation and how leading brands influence them is a complex, multi-layered process which is why the conference theme for this Summit is "The Black Box of Influence."

Some Panels of Note Include:

  • Generation M: What happens When the Minority Becomes the Majority
  • The Agency CDO Roundtable - Presented by the 4As
  • Gamer Nation - eSports & the New Rules of Engagement

For more information on CDX Generation M, click here.


Beet Retreat 2016: The Transformation of Television Advertising

DataXu's VP of TV Solution, Tore Tellefsen, will be a featured speaker at Beet.TV's Beet Retreat 2016: The Transformation of Television Advertising presented by Videology on November 16-18, 2016 in The Royal Palm South Beach in Miami, Florida.

The November event will focus on the dramatic transition in television. This will include the rise of “addressable” TV, programmatic TV, advertising around VOD and “TV everywhere.” The group will  explore the state of content distribution and consumption via cable, satellite and OTT services.

There will be just 35 speaker/panelists for three days of in-depth, staged sessions, video interviews and networking activities. We will also host 20 “special participants” who will join the sessions and networking events.

For MVPD’s, cable nets and technology/data providers, the event will be a valuable presentation opportunity, coupled with informal face-time, before highly influential media agency executives and brands.

For the media agency and brand executives, they will learn about the fast-changing TV landscape and emerging opportunities. They will meet the most innovative technologists, operators and broadcasters in the industry.

For everyone, the level of networking, learning, business development and video exposure will be unique and powerful.

All participants will be part of Beet.TV segments: one from the staged sessions and another via the studio interview. All the segments will be widely syndicated.

For more information on the Beet Retreat 2016, click here.


GABBCON Los Angeles

DataXu is a proud sponsor of GABBCON Los Angeles. Join us on Wednesday, November 2 at City Club LA for a full day on programmatic TV content.

If you are like most brands, agencies and adtech companies, you are probably spending a significant portion of your day trying to implement successful strategies for Audience Based Buying. If you are challenged to find scale, success and global solutions, know that you are not alone.

At this year’s Los Angeles Summit, speakers will openly discuss some of the topics that are keeping CMOs and agency leaders up at night and will attempt to provide solutions through candid interactive discussions. Topics will include the use of VR in broadcast programming, a debate around if programmatic TV is dead or still very much alive, the changing look and feel of the ad-pod, ad-fraud, viewability, “attention as currency,” and many other topics from top brands and agency leaders.

They will also be hosting our first annual ABBI awards—the world’s first global awards celebrating the very best innovation in audience-based buying, addressable TV, programmatic and data-driven video success.

Some Panels of Note Include:

  • Programmatic Video and TV, A Case Study
  • What Is VR And How Are Brands and Broadcasters Using It?
  • Who's Watching Who? The Use of AI in TV and Video

For more information about GABBCON Los Angeles, click here.

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2016 J.D. Power Automotive Roundtable

DataXu is proud to both sponsor and attend the 2016 J.D Power Automotive Roundtable on October 25 through 27 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. DataXu will also be at the cabana at Surrender Nightclub on October 26th.

From its humble beginnings, the J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable has grown to become the industry's leading marketing event with more than 1,400 participants representing every facet of the automotive marketing profession. It's where people come to learn the latest trends and ideas in automotive marketing and make valuable business connections.

Some attractions of note include:

  • Keynote Speaker Beau Boeckmann, President of Galpin Motors: Will Dealerships Die or Thrive in an Autonomous World?
  • Marketing Across Channels: Multi vs. Cross Channel
  • And a number of breakout sessions for specializations across the industry.

For more information on the 2016 J.D. Power Automotive Roundtable, click here.

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Privacy and Security Forum 2016

DataXu's Senior Counsel & Data Protection Officer Andy Dale will be speaking on a panel at the Privacy and Security Forum 2016 from October 24 to 26 at The Marvin Center in Washington, DC.

The Internet's Digital Advertising Architecture: From Cookies to Addressable TV and the Privacy Issues In Between:

As digital marketing has grown–with over $40 Billion annually spent in the US–the invisible plumbing which powers digital advertising has grown increasingly complex. This session will break down this architecture into an easy to understand, non-technical overview and will also discuss how it may change in the coming years, and what opportunities and risks that evolution entails.

Andy Dale will be Joined by speakers Justine Young Gottshall, partner at InfoLawGroup, and Todd Ruback, Chief Privacy Officer at Ghostery.

For more information on the panel, click here.


Practising Law Institute Event Logo

Tracking and Targeting Customers and Prospects 2016

DataXu's Senior Counsel & Data Protection Officer Andy Dale will be speaking at Tracking and Targeting Customers and Prospects Online, on Mobile Devices, and in Social Media 2016 Seminar on October 20 at the Atlanta Bar Association in Atlanta, Georgia.

Collecting data from and about customers and consumers is a modern business mandate.  What consumer-facing company is not now engaged in a “know our customers better” initiative?  These data are collected online, in mobile apps, in social media, and often appended to data gathered by others about the same consumers elsewhere.  Most brands use these data (including “Big Data”) in some way, such as to personalize messages and content, to optimize their sites or apps, or to improve their products, services, and offerings.  Brands may choose from hundreds of vendors to assist them in these efforts.  The data collected are often just anonymous unique identifiers and segments of potential interest, although in some cases the information is personally-identifiable or at least capable of being tied back to a consumer.  However, with all of this advancement and revenue at hand, brands and their vendors are operating in a rapidly-changing area that continues to lack regulatory certainty in the U.S. and around the world.  The FTC has proposed best practices, but sued those that have stepped over the line; state attorneys general have started to do the same;, the press, including bloggers and academics, have called out companies for data uses that they may not have considered to be improper; the self-regulatory sector continues to innovate; the “do-not-track” debate continues; class action lawyers are as active as they have been in over a decade, and becoming more creative all the time; and regulators around the world are looking to apply new standards to traditional tools like cookies and web beacons.

Join leading practitioners and industry experts explore the cutting-edge legal concerns in online tracking and targeting.  What are the regulators around the world calling for?  How will the new EU General Data Protection Regulation apply to interest-based advertising and related tracking initiatives?  How is the market reacting?  What are common practices and what are outliers?  What are class action lawyers looking for?  What kinds of issues interest the press, including bloggers and academics?  And, by the way, how does all of this work?  Ultimately, how can companies protect their brands while taking advantage of some of the most innovative tools available?  How can brands adopt new business models that emerge with increasing frequency and promise more revenue and better consumer engagement?

Some topics of note:

  • How online, mobile, and social media tracking and targeting work from a technical perspective
  • Hot topics in privacy law, including advertising online, across mobile apps, in social media, and across related devices, and new issues surrounding the use of “Big Data,” as described in a recent FTC report.
  • Self-regulatory initiatives associated with online and mobile tracking, targeting, and personalization
  • Fact patterns that have resulted in bad PR, government enforcement, and private litigation
  • How regulators around the world are addressing tracking and targeting
  • How Chief Privacy Officers at leading companies are handling tracking issues now

For more information on this seminar, click here.

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2016 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference

DataXu is proud to both sponsor and attend the 2016 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference on October 19 through 22 at the Hotel Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida.

By any measure, the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference is the industry’s foremost annual event, attracting upward of 3,000 attendees. For three days, a who’s who of chief marketing officers and other industry movers and shakers will share their remarkable stories of how they built brands, leveraged the expanding array of media, made marketing more accountable, and improved the quality of their marketing organizations. “The speakers are best in class, and you walk away from every presentation either more informed or smarter on a particular topic,” remarked one past attendee.  Learn how today’s leaders of the marketing community are creatively using traditional and digital marketing tools, evolving technologies, content, and data to reach target audiences and grow their brands. In addition to insightful presentations, the conference includes a wealth of networking opportunities and great day-time and evening activities.

Some panels of note include:

  • The Talent Disconnect: Building the Next Generation of Marketers
  • The Power of Collaboration with Diego Scotti, Executive VP and CMO of Verizon Communications
  • CMO Roundtable: The Power of Women in Advertising

For more information about the 2016 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, click here.


CDX Brand Innovation Summit – West

DataXu is proud to be an Explorer-level sponsor of CDX Brand Innovation Summit - West on October 18-19, 2016 at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California.

CDX is pleased to announce its 4th Annual Chief Digital Officer Global Forum (CDX) Brand Innovation Summit - West. This is CDX's global flagship CDX event and the theme for all CDX Forums in 2016 is "Mastering Digital Transformation". The Forum is a by-invitation-only, digital leadership event designed to foster peer-based thought leadership and networking in a private, intimate environment. The Summit will explore how leading brands from across a range of industries and verticals are engaging the connected consumer and driving enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Some Panels of Notes:

  • The Forrester Brand Roundtable: Mastering Digital Transformation
  • Are you Multi-Channel or Omni-Channel? The Challenge of Integration
  • Mobile-First Spotlight: Why Your App Should Be Your Obsession

To learn more about the Chief Digital Officer Global Forum series, click here.

Featured Image for The Data Scientist Event

Advanced Analytics and Data Science: Synergies & Differences

DataXu is proud to be hosting a meetup on Advanced Analytics and Data Science: Synergies & Differences on Friday, October 14, 2016 at the DataXu Office in Boston, Massachusetts. The panel will be moderated by DataXu's Dr. Sunanda Parthasarathy and will feature a post-event networking session.

We continue the theme of understanding the role of Data Science within an organization in this meetup of The Data Scientist group. Advanced Analytics and Data Science are terms used interchangeably in the current environment of big data. Are they different? When does an organization need one and/or another? Leaders who have created and led teams that successfully straddle these two worlds will explore the nuanced synergies and differences between them.

Senior/managerial members of the group can expect to take away learnings from our panelists on how best to staff and lead both teams to deliver strategic insights to their customers, while junior and aspiring data scientists can better understand the required skillsets to succeed in either or both the teams.

Speakers include:

  • Sandro Catanzaro, SVP of Analytics & Innovation at DataXu
  • Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist at Dstillery
  • John Mercer, VP of Analytics at Apptopia
  • David Dietrich, Director of Analytics & Strategy at American Student Assistance

For more information on the meetup, click here.

Featured Image Event logo for 2016 2016

DataXu's Dr. Sunanda Parthasarathy will be chairing a session on predictive marketing analytics at 2016 being held from October 10 to 12 at the Microsoft N.E.R.D Center in Boston, Massachusetts. 2016 features:

Training & tutorials

Are you new to Machine Learning and looking to make the most of it? Learn first-hand what predictive technology can do, how to use modern tools and APIs to solve real-world problems, and how to create tomorrow's intelligent applications.

Talks & networking

PAPIs is your chance to meet leaders from around the world who'll discuss new developments, opportunities and challenges in building intelligent applications. It features business & technical talks for all levels of experience (see highlights & JMLR proceedings).

AI Startup Battle

PAPIs hosts the world's 1st startup competition where the jury is an AI(powered by Telefonica Open Future). Find out which are the most promising startups in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, or apply to pitch your own startup and be part of this unique event!

To learn more about 2016, click here.


The Native Ad Forum

DataXu's Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Bill Simmons, will be speaking at The Native Ad Forum hosted by AdvertisingWeek on September 27th, 2016.

The three hour Native Ad Forum will take you inside the fastest growing segment of the ad market and bring you insights on the key growth areas of native advertising -- programmatic, mobile video, and sponsored content. Hear from industry leaders including, Google, Moat, Sharethrough, Mindshare, Turner, Pinterest, Horizon Media, Cadreon and many many others on how they are utilizing native today, how their organizations have adapted to support native and what to expect from the year ahead.

Some panels of note include:

  • How Trading Desks Adapted For The Mobile Native Era
  • The Future Revenue Model Of Premium Publishers
  • How To Maintain High Quality User Experiences While Expanding Buying Sophistication

To learn more about The Native Ad Forum, click here.

MMS Ad Week 2016 event logo

MMS Ad Week 2016

Dataxu is proud to sponsor MMS Ad Week 2016. MMS just can’t stay away from the hustle and bustle of NYC’s Ad Week. They’ll be exploring some of the biggest trends popping up there, including:

  • Wearables and the fashion industry
  • Smart technology that helps you shop
  • E-commerce apps that are revolutionizing the way we consume

For more information on MMS Ad Week 2016, click here.

2016 MMA SM2 Innovation Summit Logo

MMA SM2 Innovation Summit

DataXu is proud to sponsor the 2016 MMA SM2 Innovation Summit. Curated by senior brand marketers for their peers, the summit will address the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, engage and purchase every product, service and experience.

The march for mobile transformation is impacting an astonishing array of industries. Disruptors have raised the bar on delivering exceptional user experiences and engaging more intimately with their consumers.

Brands who think of Mobile as just a channel dismiss the unprecedented role it is playing in customers’ lives and diminishes the possibilities it provides for marketers. Mobile is marketing. Mobile is utility. Mobile is connection. Mobile is engagement. Mobile is transformational.

Mobile is the ultimate disruptor and brands need to plan their transformation or risk being transformed.

Join the industry’s most prominent and influential figures at this two-day industry leading conference.

It is no longer about mobile marketing, but marketing in a mobile age.

For more information on the 2016 MMA SM2 Innovation Summit, click here.

Boston Data Festival 2016 event logo

Boston Data Festival 2016

DataXu's Vice President of Optimization, Beth Logan, will be speaking at Boston Data Festival 2016 on September 23rd at the Microsoft N.E.R.D Center in Cambridge, MA.

The fourth annual Boston Data Festival’s primary goal is to bring together the data-centric community for an energetic week of events at which to learn, collaborate, and network. Specific goals are to:

  • Showcase greater Boston as a data-centric region of talented individuals and innovative companies.
  • Highlight the diversity of people, start-ups, and companies dedicated to this domain, as well as the quality of resources available.
  • Help community members achieve their goals, whether it’s the fast-track to a data scientist career or to create a big data startup.
  • Reach out to individuals who are unaware of, or intimidated by, the myriad of new techniques and technology presented at the data-centric Meetup scene.

For more information on Boston Data Festival 2016, click here.

ANA summit logo

2016 ANA Masters of Measurement Conference

“What gets measured is what gets done" is an old business maxim that's as relevant today as it has ever been.  Plain and simple, better measurement can help marketers make better business decisions and, as a result, add billions of dollars to the bottom lines of the marketing ecosystem. The 2016 ANA Masters of Measurement Conference focused exclusively on measurement will provide attendees with practical ideas to improve marketing decision making through measurement.

Some agenda items of note:

  • Building a Data-Driven Government
  • The Role in Data Turning Around Best Buy
  • Building Brands Through Data-Driven Engagement
  • Unleashing the Art of New Marketing By Harnessing the Science of Predictive Measurement/Analytics

For more information on the 2016 ANA Masters of Measurement Conference, click here.