The challenge

Balancing multiple goals, such as selling a newly launched product and growing brand awareness, can be quite a challenge for marketers. This requires brands to ensure they reach a wide enough audience with the right messaging, while maintaining efficiency to drive lower funnel performance. dataxu® collaborated with agency partner Duncan Channon to drive sales across different formats and multiple social platforms, such as Facebook® and Instagram®.

The solution

Marketers traditionally struggle with activating data across the social networks and walled gardens of the world. Rather than leveraging existing broad targeting parameters within each social platform, Duncan Channon wanted to take advantage of the robust first-party data captured by their existing digital efforts.

In order to syndicate their first party audience into social platforms/walled gardens, Duncan Channon used OneView™ identity & data activation technology from dataxu to turn first party cookie based audiences into device IDs. This enabled the seed audience to expand to additional, connected ID’s, ultimately amplifying the audience 3X.

Duncan Channon compared social performance between the OneView™ audience and a traditional, pixel collected retargeting audience; the results speak for themselves.

The results

  • 3X amplification from seed cookie-based audience to OneView™ audience
  • 364% more unique users targeted by OneView™ audience on Instagram®
  • 44% more efficient CPMs generated by the OneView™ audience on Facebook®