The Challenge

Mobile is a particularly effective channel for CPG marketers because modern consumers make many purchase decisions on-the-go. However, executing localized mobile campaigns has traditionally been a challenge due to broad technical limitations within mobile. One of DataXu’s longest-standing CPG customers approached DataXu to execute its first-ever mobile shopper campaign. DataXu was asked to:

  • Advertise within five regions (some with low population densities) at scale.
  • Implement test-and-control methodology to assess the impact of third-party data targeting in mobile.
  • Ramp, execute, and complete campaign setup in just two weeks.

The DataXu Solution

DataXu leveraged its proprietary Audience Marketplace and tens of thousands of third-party segments to reach consumers on behalf of the CPG company who met the following criteria:

  • Demographic: Females 25-54
  • Behavioral: CPG Brand Intenders
  • Geographic: Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Utah and Wisconsin

The Results

Compared to the CPG company’s baseline results, DataXu’s use of third-party data targeting increased consumer campaign engagement by more than 40%. The DataXu-run campaign delivered nearly 1 million impressions per day to the five selected regions over two weeks, proving that mobile campaigns are effective and also have the ability to scale.

Chart showing better targeting for the CPG company with DataXu's platform

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