The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a personal data protection law that takes effect January 1, 2020. The bill grants California residents new rights regarding the collection of their personal information, and it also places new restrictions on companies who collect or sell this data. And like GDPR, CCPA’s effects will go far beyond the state of California, impacting the advertising industry at large. 

Our Promise

dataxu has always placed the highest value on transparency, quality, and privacy. Similar to our compliance efforts under GDPR, dataxu has assembled a cross-functional task force to oversee the implementation of CCPA compliance in every aspect of our operations. We’re working hard to ensure all the right boxes are checked before CCPA comes into effect. We’re committed to providing the best quality and transparency to not only our customers, but to all digital consumers.

CCPA is the first major privacy law that brings GDPR concepts into the US market, and is likely the beginning of a national movement.  At the heart of both CCPA and GDPR are requirements for good data governance and a respect for individual rights. Responsible companies, like dataxu, are being proactive today so that they won’t be derailed as the rules and penalties become more extreme in the coming years.
– Colin O’Malley, Data Protection Officer

What is CCPA?

The essential facts

CCPA imposes new obligations on California businesses and gives consumers more control over their personal data. Download our fact sheet for more information, and learn more about what we’re doing to prepare.

What’s the difference?


While GDPR and CCPA both aim to guarantee strong protection for consumer’s personal data, there are key differences regarding scope of application and legal framework. Download our comparison guide for a side by side differentiations.

Whats next?

Getting ready for CCPA

Not sure where to start when it comes to CCPA compliance? Download our checklist to help you prepare before the new year.

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