BSSP’s challenge

Independent agency BSSP was looking for ways to improve the quality and speed of their business and client service team. They began seeking a DSP to partner with who could provide them with a best-in-class programmatic platform to help them achieve this goal.

The solution

dataxu® was able to provide BSSP a programmatic platform with the perfect mix of desirable marketing features and data science chops that were unmatched by other demand side platforms.

TouchPoint from dataxu provided BSSP with:

  • A streamlined media buying model
  • Complete transparency
  • Audience testing to improve analytics

The results

  • BSSP’s clients have seen 35% to 65% media savings from the agency’s use of the TouchPoint™ programmatic platform.
  • BSSP’s programmatic success has attracted new clients over the past few years and has helped the agency establish a reputation as an innovative, data-driven shop.