Yahoo’s Right Media Upgrade Is on Target


AdAge wrote a great article today regarding Yahoo’s announcement about the next evolution of their Right Media Exchange, offering more premium inventory and better transparency for advertisers. It’s encouraging to see all of the participants in our market – from inventory suppliers to demand side platforms – offering up exciting new features and innovations that will offer real, measurable value to advertisers. I also see it as market validation of the opportunity that real-time bidding for auction media represents.

Beyond any press releases or marketing hype, however, the real validation for these developments will come from advertisers themselves. As I speak with agencies and advertisers each day, I am hearing firsthand about both their reservations and their expectations for this new media buying paradigm. These conversations are what keep our entire team grounded and focused on the end value we want to bring to our clients. In my view, the eventual leaders in this space will be the ones who keep listening – and keep responding – to the real needs of advertisers, as Yahoo has clearly done in this case.