Xukeeper Spotlight: Kat Rice


Each month xukeepers nominate their fellow colleagues whom they believe embody the dataxu core values Customer Obsession, Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, and Trust. In February Kat Rice was one of four Xukeepers of the Month. Let’s learn a little more about this rockstar!

Q: Tell me about your role and your day to day life as a xukeeper?

A: I’m an Account Specialist on Experts On Demand! We support the Platform Account team on all aspects of campaign management, from trafficking through reporting while managing the Customer Support queue.


Q: Why did you join dataxu?

A: I bet you already guessed it… but the people. I heard about dataxu from a current employee and was told great things about the company culture. I may be biased, but the EOD team is full of genuine people that are always willing to go out of the way for others and I couldn’t wait to be a part of the team.


Q: Fill in the blank: “I once met…”

A: Selena Gomez! And she didn’t say thank you when I brought her a coffee. (It was at an internship at Interscope Records)


Q: What is your favorite app you are currently using on your phone? Why?

A: Furbo! I’m a crazy dog mom and want to make sure my dog isn’t eating the couch.  


Q: What is something you learned last week? Work related or non work related!

A: I learned how to tell  if a turtle is female or male!


Q: Favorite dataxu memory?

A: Winning a grand total of 2 softball games last year. If winning was based on looks, we would’ve been undefeated. (Our attractive team below)


Q: Last but not least, what is your current jam that you belt out in the car, subway, uber, etc…?

A: Not current but you can’t listen to Mr. Brightside without yelling every word

Thanks Kat! Cheers to all of your successes.