Xukeeper Spotlight: Chris Weiland


Each month xukeepers nominate their fellow colleagues whom they believe embody the dataxu core values Customer Obsession, Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, and Trust. For the month of April, Chris Weiland was dataxu’s Xukeeper of the Month. Let’s dive right in to learn a little more about Chris!

Q: Tell me about your role and your day to day life as a xukeeper?

A: I am a Senior Account Director at dataxu and I have been working on the same auto account for the past 4 years. Each day is slightly different but usually involves several internal and external meetings, client phone calls, and plenty of data investigation. The day to day differs, but each year is fairly routine by now. We know when to plan for next year, when to have our next QBR, when to visit the clients, etc. We are a well-oiled machine.

Q: Why did you join dataxu?

A: I used the dataxu platform at my previous job and was impressed by the platform and the knowledge of the team. After a former co-worker left for dataxu, I decided to make the switch.

Q: Fill in the blank: “I once met…”

A: I once met/saw Cynthia Bailey (a real housewife) in the lobby of the W in Atlanta.

Q: What is your favorite app you are currently using on your phone? Why?

A: TapTempo. Helps you to determine the Beats Per Minute (BPM). I use this app all the time to figure out song BPMs that I use in my cycle classes.

Q: What is something you learned last week? Work related or non work related!

A: If you can’t open a jar, run it under warm water. Thanks, Nick!

Q: Favorite dataxu memory?

A: Surviving a Summer Party boat (small) ride from SF to Sausalito in choppy water. A true team bonding experience.

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of while at dataxu?

A: 1) Working my way up from AdOps to my current position, 2) Successful yearly launches, and 3) Becoming a trusted advisor.

Q: What is the best restaurant you have been to in the last 30 days?

A: Felix in LA. Fresh pasta, enough said.

Q: Last but not least, what is your current jam that you belt out in the car, subway, uber, etc…?

A:  Work by MOTi