Why reach and frequency is more important than ever


For decades, reach and frequency have been a primary performance metrics for marketing campaigns and that is still very much true today. And, in a digital, multi-device environment we are able to measure every single impression delivered which has created a ton of new opportunities to engage more precisely with consumers, but there are also new challenges associated with managing delivery. Let’s unpack R&F for today’s marketing professionals:

What is reach?

Reach is a primary performance metric for marketing campaigns that is still used regularly to measure ad effectiveness. More specifically, it’s the understanding of how many consumers saw your ads as well as how many times those consumers were exposed to your ad.

Marketers need to managed ad delivery across targeting efforts

In the analog environment, reach is measured using small panels to estimate the number of people who either watch a TV show or listen to a radio ad spot as a proxy for measuring reach and frequency. Today however, consumers are streaming shows on their phones and connected TVs, listening to podcasts on their phones, and finishing up articles at their desk that they started on their tablets during their commute to work. The multi-device world has created ample opportunity for cross-device targeting but has also caused challenges when managing reach and frequency across campaigns including over-delivery, under-delivery and missed opportunities.

Target and measure across devices at the person level

OneView™, dataxu’s identity and data management platform, identifies consumer profiles, enabling marketers to target and measure consumers across all of their devices. Targeting can be further enhanced with OneView™ frequency capping to frequency cap at the person level across devices, including TV. This real-time frequency management capability improves the accuracy of cross-device frequency control and reduces media waste.

dataxu is the only platform to calculate reach and frequency at the household level

We are proud to be the first and only platform to offer on-demand reach and frequency measurement directly in our platform. Our reach and frequency dashboards enable marketers to truly understand reach and frequency across all of their campaigns, including TV, measured by cookies, devices AND households. These dashboards were built for the future of TV and they enable marketers to understand what reach and frequency levels are resonating with target audiences across all devices, including the big screen.

Reach and frequency management made easy

With dataxu, it’s easy to control and measure reach and frequency across TV and all other devices. OneView™ ensures consumers are reached with relevant messaging at an opportune time, regardless of devices and ultimately eliminates waste by avoiding over and underexposing consumers. Complementary full-picture reporting at the cookie, device and household level paired with cross-device, path to purchase behavior enables marketers to maximize investments and determine true ROI. To see our on-demand reporting dashboards in action, contact us to request a demo.