Viewability Guarantees: Missing the Forest for the Trees


AdExchangerOriginally posted on AdExchanger, May 15, 2013


It’s been a busy couple of months for the emerging viewability metric.

Here’s a small sample of headlines:

Many marketers are also jumping on the bandwagon to dictate that they only pay for viewable impressions. This appears to be an entirely rational move, right? If my ads are not seen by consumers, then I won’t pay for them. With this policy in place, my marketing spend by definition will be more effective. Or will it?

I’m going to make a provocative claim: You’re asking your media-delivery partners for the wrong thing.

This might sound odd coming from me. Earlier this year, I wrote an article in praise of incorporating viewability as one of the metrics to assess your media spend. That said, changing your approach to viewability without simultaneously addressing attribution will lead to bad ROI calculations, mistaken insights and, on top of that, it will create new margin opportunity for your media partners.

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