New Programmatic Quality Series White Paper: “Understanding Viewability”


Today, we’re excited to release the second installment of our 2016 Programmatic Quality Series: a new report titled “Understanding Viewability” that is focused on yet another pressing quality challenge within the advertising industry.

Recent industry news illustrates the fact that significant amounts of confusion still exist around the definition of viewability and what constitutes proper viewability measurement methodology. With these questions in mind, dataxu launched a 14-day campaign in July 2016 that was specifically designed to answer viewability questions across desktop display, video, and mobile.

The goals of dataxu’s viewability test were as follows:

  • To measure viewability at an aggregate level, exchange level and domain level
  • To compare viewability percentages for the same creatives and same placements across different viewability vendors
  • To measure viewability rates for campaigns running on flat bids without the benefit of any optimizations

Advertisers and agencies are increasingly demanding highly viewable ads as one of their goals for their digital investments. dataxu understands the importance of transparency and strives to provide customers with only high-quality, highly viewable fraud-free inventory. To this end, in January 2015, dataxu announced our 97% Fraud-Free Guarantee, which has already saved customers $54 million just one year after its launch.

Our latest white paper on viewability continues our momentum and reinforces our commitment to addressing the quality challenges that currently plague marketers, demand-side platforms (DSPs) and publishers alike.

To discover more key viewability findings and insights, download the complete “Understanding Viewability” report here.