TV advertisers: This is the glossary for you


The world of TV advertising is changing. Fast. And as the advertising industry gains momentum in this new TV era, there are more and more key words and phrases to learn—including a slew of new acronyms such as CTV, OTT, vMVPD, and ACR. Not to mention, new devices are popping up and the world of cable replacement services is growing rapidly, resulting in even more terms and abbreviations.

For seasoned traditional TV buyers, and even digital TV buyers, keeping up with the lingo can be challenging. And as an increasing amount of consumers opt for a new TV experience, it’s more important than ever for marketing professionals to learn the new advanced TV language. Check out our new TV Advertising Glossary today to get up to speed on the new jargon.

Here are a few of the hottest terms to get you started:

Advanced TV

Advanced TV is TV advertising that is sold on an impression basis. It is executed using software automation and advanced audiences data to create value for both the buy and sell sides of the transaction. Advanced TV encompasses a variety of TV advertising flavors, including Programmatic Linear TV, Addressable TV, and Connected TV.

Direct Response TV

Direct Response TV refers to advertisers and their campaigns that have the singular goal of driving a specific action, usually sales. This type of advertising is usually punctuated with a call to action such as “call this number” or “visit our website”.


Over-the-top (OTT) refers to film or video content that is delivered to a connected device over the internet, outside of the closed networks of telecom and cable providers.

Skinny bundle

TV packages that are generally less expensive than most, but with a limited set of channels; usually packed by theme (i.e.: lifestyle, sports, etc.). Can be sourced from an OTT service, cable company or satellite TV company.

Don’t miss out on the other key terms—browse through the full glossary here.

To learn more on how CTV, ATV, and programmatic LTV can complement existing TV efforts, or how including a high-impact format into your media mix can benefit your current cross-device strategy, reach out to a dataxu representative. We’re happy to help you navigate the digital ecosystem, review terms and talk through how advanced TV can open up new opportunities for incremental reach.