Turning video advertising on its head


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With more than 98% of all video ad inventory classified as valid human traffic, and video advertising viewability growing by almost 20%, ultimately overtaking display advertising for the first time ever earlier this year, you would think the industry had video advertising all figured out. Not quite yet.

As it turns out, brands and publishers in Australia are still struggling to engage audiences with online video. This revelation is a particularly rude awakening, given that we’re pumping ad spend into video for that precise reason – this much-lauded ability to deliver an immersive experience and achieve higher levels of user engagement. To truly succeed at video, however, agility is a prerequisite; brands and agencies need to be able to respond and deliver in real time. In addition, they must constantly stay ahead of the curve and find ingenious ways to break new ground.

A big ask, and yet, even when you’ve got that part sorted, it’s unfortunately only half the battle won. As always, the measurement problem rears its ugly head. Facebook recently admitted it had been grossly overstating the length of video views on its platform by as much as 80%, a problem made much worse given the degree to which brands and agencies rely on social platforms to distribute their video advertising. Should online video spend continue to fuel Australia’s digital expenditure as it did in 2016, we need to address these issues, fast.

Recognizing this urgency, we partnered up with Teads, becoming the first provider of programmatic marketing software in market with a DSP certified to purchase Teads Studio video units programmatically. So that immersive video experience can now be run programmatically through the DataXu platform. Through this partnership, brands and marketers are one step closer to delivering the best video experience possible to viewers with Teads’ high-impact video inventory across its portfolio of inRead formats, including Scroller, 360, Skin, Live and Swing.

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