TotalTV™ by dataxu: Optimal reach across all screens is now a reality


It’s the new norm: today’s viewer can watch TV any number of ways, outside of traditional linear viewing. And with advanced TV, advertisers have brand new ways to connect with consumers when they’re viewing premium content. But are you fully up to speed on what’s available today and how these TV consuming habits come into play with traditional TV buying?

Capitalizing on today’s TV opportunities requires the right technology

TotalTV™ by dataxu is the most comprehensive advanced TV solution that enables audience-based planning, targeted buying, and measurement across Connected, Linear and Addressable TV. In fact, it’s robust set of solutions are tailor-made for today’s modern planners and buyers and enable your desired audience to be reached at scale. There are 3 main flavors of TotalTV™ across Connected, Addressable and Linear TV:

Connected TV buying

Gain the ability to target demographic and custom streaming audiences at an impression level with dataxu’s powerful Demand Side Platform, TouchPoint™. Utilize frequency capping to maximize unique reach and measure ROI with our industry-leading closed-loop attribution and reporting.  

Linear Extension

Complement your existing traditional TV buys and expand reach by uncovering your target audience on Connected TV, online video and all over-the-top formats via incremental reach. Analyze Connected and Addressable TV viewership vs. Linear TV viewership and report on deduplicated reach. For a global auto manufacturer, the combined TotalTV™ campaign boosted reach by 21.4% compared to linear reach alone.

TotalTV™ Planning

Discover your strategic audience across all TV screens with a unified TV plan across Linear, Addressable and Connected. This plan identifies ideal investment levels across screens and ensures optimal reach and frequency with limited waste.

Benefits of audience-based buying

The powerhouse behind our TotalTV™ offering is our identity and data management platform, OneView™. With OneView™, it’s easy to gain a holistic view of your consumer’s path to purchase, especially when customer journey analysis is table stakes. OneView™ enables you to reach any audience on TV, understand and manage the frequency of ad exposure no matter where it happened, retarget audiences who viewed your over-the-top ad across devices, and measure and attribute successful conversions back to your ad investments.

The TV landscape has changed

Consumers have choices when it comes to viewing content – there are a variety of ways to tune into the programs, however and whenever they want. dataxu’s TotalTV™ enables advertisers to optimize ad frequency across high quality TV content. To learn more about how to reach your strategic audience at scale, visit our TotalTV™ webpage.