Top Trends in Programmatic Marketing


ClickZ.jpgOriginally posted on ClickZ, July 8, 2013

By Julie Ginches, Vice President, Marketing

Programmatic buying is scaling rapidly, with IDC forecasting nearly $14 billion in real-time buying spend by 2016. This exponential growth is reason enough to pay attention. But the possibilities of programmatic marketing are equally impressive, with an additional $66 billion forecasted in 2016 for programmatic marketing platforms – the approach by which marketers build a continuous, optimized customer engagement capability through the strategic application of technology, data analytics, and media.

For marketers and their agencies challenged by the data deluge and old-style decision-making processes, programmatic marketing opens the door to a new world of more informed decisions – and more effective marketing. Imagine using consumer data and business rules to plan, execute, measure, and optimize every interaction with individual consumers, in real time. If it sounds impossible, it was – until recently.

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