4 tips for a successful agency & ad tech vendor partnership


As the advertising industry continues to evolve and shift, agencies are leveraging partnerships with ad tech vendors at an increasingly rapid rate to boost marketing ROI in new and inventive ways. These partnerships allow for co-innovation in advertising and more effective marketing strategies.

To ensure that these partnerships drive success, it is essential to build a strong and sustainable relationship between agencies and ad tech vendors. Below are four tips to help agencies build an effective relationship with ad tech vendor partners and enable joint success.

1. Allow For Training Time.

Take the time to learn, and understand, the programmatic platform’s capabilities and working features. Depending on the ad tech vendor, these training opportunities can include coursework, certifications and walk-through demonstrations either onsite or remotely. Training opportunities provided by the vendor are designed to ensure your success while working within the platform and alongside your partner.

2. Have Regularly Scheduled Check-Ins.

Regular communication is essential to ensuring success. Take time to meet with your ad tech partner to discuss all relevant items of the campaign, including everything from performance metrics to organization structure. This will ensure that your ad tech partner has a strong understanding of your business and goals and can help make adjustments to drive success.

3. Be Transparent.

Your ad tech partner wants to provide support for all your needs. Be open with them about your book of business or your prospecting opportunities. This will enable your partner to provide tools like custom reporting or suggest features that your client or brand may be interested in to help strengthen your existing relationships. Your partner can also help you win new business by providing pitch materials like branded slides. The more transparent you are with your ad tech partner, the more they can tailor specific solutions for your needs.

4. Follow Your Ad Tech Partner On Social Media.

In the ever-changing ad tech landscape, it is important to stay up-to-date with the industry and how your partner is adapting. By keeping an eye out for the latest feature updates or new product releases, you can ensure that you are always ahead of the curve. Some of the best resources are your partner’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Additionally, keeping tabs on the latest industry updates will allow you to continually co-innovate new solutions with your partner that will spur joint success for both parties.

Keeping a pulse on the health of your partnership is crucial to rolling out effective campaigns for your customers. Learning how to build and maintain the relationship will benefit your KPIs and building a rapport with your partners will foster efficient processes and workflows.


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